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Coffee Beans

The craft of coffee brewing runs in our cores. As a Bridgeville Coffee Shop since 2001, we care deeply about the quality and taste of each cup. We are proud to be involved in the whole coffee making process — from picking the best beans and the roast that brings out the unique flavors and aromas. We can’t wait to welcome you for a comforting cup of coffee.

LaBella Bean
Bridgeville Pennsylvania

Now selling GROUND COFFEE!



About Us.

In 2001, Donna Massetti wanted a business to bring her family together thus us being here today. The name LaBella Bean coming from the Italian language meaning "The beautiful bean".

LaBella Bean is a family run coffee shop, located in the small town of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. 

With only one location, our customers are very important to us. Getting to know them is what we strive to do here at LaBella Bean. So come sip, eat and enjoy.


Nunny's Dressing

"Nunny" is what Donna Massetti's grandchildren called her. She was always in the kitchen creating new recipes and teaching it to her children and grandchildren. Now her recipe for her dressing is sold in our stores and locally.

Nunny's dressing is used in for all our salads and even in some of the sandwiches. Two different dressing are available for purchase. 

- Original Nunny's dressing 

- Bianca made with white vinegar

We sell it by the bottle in shop and also in a variety of local grocery stores.

- Portman Farms in Bridgeville 

- Shop n' Save in Heidleburg


Nunny's Dressing is perfect for salad, sandwiches and a marinade for chicken, steak and any other meat.


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