Weekly Specials


Monte Cristo Sandwich

Thinly sliced ham with Swiss cheese,finely chopped pickles and Dijon mustard grilled on Mancinis sliced bread with a side of chicken noodle soup


Kielbasa Sandwich

Plump kielbasa on a crusty baguette with spicy mustard and diced onions with a side of cabbage and noodles 


Beef Stew

Tender beef cooked with chunks of carrots, potatoes and celery seasoned in brown gravy served piping hot with a warmed roll and butte


Rigatoni with Garlis Sauce

El dente rigatoni tossed with fresh spinach and feta garlic aioli sauce sprinkled with shaved shaved asiago cheese with a side Caesar salad 


BBQ Chicken Slider

2 sliders with shredded chicken cooked in a spicy barbecue sauce topped with shredded cheddar cheese and creamy cole slaw with a side of Anna Marie’s famous potato and green bean soup