Weekly Specials


Thick sliced roasted turkey, sweet and tart cranberry jam with creamy Brie cheese, fresh spinach, red onions and field greens on Mancini’s sliced Italian served cold or grilled with a side of tomato Florentine soup


Sliced sweet potatoes, craisins, walnuts, feta cheese, red onions and grilled chicken on top of mixed greens with a sweet vinaigrette dressing served with a warm buttered roll


Homemade Chili with a bit of spice served over noodles with a slice of cornbread


Sliced ham with sliced tart apples and white cheddar cheese on a fresh baguette with a Dijon mustard spread with a side of potato soup


Our homemade chicken salad with added walnuts, apples, and craisins with a touch of cinnamon served on top of mixed greens with a warm baguette